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Choose a Card and Discover What Might Be Dangerous for Your Prosperity and Happiness

Choose a card and find out what could be dangerous for your prosperity and happiness. Pick a tarot card and discover what might be harmful to your well-being and happiness. Have you noticed that you have constant thoughts and feelings that always bother you as you work to build your happiness and achieve your dreams and goals?

Many of us harbor past wounds that continue to affect our current reality and prevent us from moving forward. To break this negative cycle, we need to heal our minds and hearts, leaving behind whatever we still have.

The first step towards healing is recognizing the problem. And the purpose of the test we offer today is to help you identify everything that prevents you from succeeding and being happy. To get an answer, you need to choose one of the three cards below. Although they appear similar, each carries a unique and distinctive message.


Number 1: There are many unresolved issues in your life that constantly push you to make wrong decisions that you will soon regret.

To move on to the next stage of your journey, you should be able to close already completed cycles, even if you need professional help.

Happiness and success are possible for you, but to receive them, you first need to cleanse your heart so they can enter. Focus on organizing your life now, so your future will be as planned.

Number 2: Trusting yourself and the power of your ideas and solutions is part of your greatest strength, allowing you to progress even when in doubt or difficulty. You have extraordinary potential to become the person you always wanted to be and to live as you always wished. However, you need to free yourself from the wounds of the past.

What happened has passed and will not change, but you can still do something today to improve your life. Stay confident, but let go of expectations of what happened and your life will be much better.

Number 3: You are the kind of person who can reap exactly what you want to gather in your life, which is why there are so many good things in your future. Success, healthy relationships, money, adventure…

Fate is preparing you for many good things, but for you to fully enjoy these blessings, it is important not to look back, no matter how much you love a person or a lifestyle, it is no longer your reality.

The awareness and wisdom you use in all areas of your life should also be present when it comes to freeing yourself from the past, because only then will you find a better life.

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