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Choose an animal and discover your main character trait

To look at yourself from the outside, to assess your strengths and weaknesses, we suggest you try this simple psychological test.

How do others see you? Which character trait stands out the most? And how can this help in life?

You can find answers to these questions right now! To begin, close your eyes and think about how you see yourself. Don’t think logically; rely on your feelings and emotions about yourself. Now open your eyes, look at the picture. Which of these animals are you willing to associate with?



Your choice suggests that you are very naive. You enjoy doing monotonous activities that can calm you. Your strengths are patience and restraint.

Therefore, break down any task into small, concrete steps, so you can confidently move towards your goal.


You are one of those who enjoy working! Yes, there are such people. The most important thing is to find an activity that brings you satisfaction both from the process of work itself and from the results of your efforts. A strong character trait is the ability to organize everything quickly and efficiently.


Your passion for travel. This is what will give you strength and inspiration for new achievements in life. Your strong point is careful handling of money and the ability to plan your finances correctly.


It seems quite difficult for you to get along with other people. You are very suspicious. You choose your friends for a very long time and with care, and not everyone fits the parameters you select.

Your strong personality trait is your well-developed intuition. Listen to your inner voice; it will never deceive you!


It is very easy for people who choose a dog to find common ground with all their friends. Communication is your strong point. You have many useful acquaintances and connections, feel comfortable and confident in any company. It’s safe to say you’re the life of the party.


You’re one of those people who don’t talk, but act. Friends respect you for always being obliging and responsible, and not wasting your time in idle talk. You can always be relied upon. You are a person of your word!


You know your worth and don’t allow anyone to dominate you.

Pride sometimes tends to turn into anger, so be careful with other people, don’t try to be taller than others. A strong character trait is the ability to make decisions. You have all the potential to be a leader.”

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