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Choose an Object and Discover What Your Dominant Chakra Reveals About Your Personality

Every person has chakras, which are the body’s energy centers that affect our mindset and attitude toward life. There are seven of them, and each is responsible for a specific area of the human body. If one or more chakras are underdeveloped, then, depending on the chakra that needs to be opened, a person can experience negative consequences.

By knowing which chakra requires special attention, you can improve your well-being. Although this may require a lot of effort, time, and meditation practice, it makes sense to start. Everything is individual for each person, the key is to believe that it will work for you.

Let’s find out which chakra is the most active in you; this can be referred to as your dominant chakra. Read the descriptions of these seven chakras and assess your personality traits accordingly. Based on what is written for each of these charms, determine which qualities resonate with you the most at this moment. Then, focus your attention on the remaining chakras whose descriptions are less typical for you. These are the ones you need to develop.

Also, with the help of this test, you will recognize which chakra is the most dominant in you. It will be the one that best describes your personality. Redirect your energy! And don’t forget to share your results with us!

From the list of chakras and their meanings:

  1. Spirituality If you are one of those people who feel completely at ease when you are alone or surrounded by nature, then you can say that Sahasrara is your most dominant chakra. The pain and suffering around you bother you too much because you wish peace and well-being for all. This chakra defines your spirituality and keeps you on fire. It prevents mundane matters from bothering you and keeps you determined to achieve important goals in life.
  2. Awareness If you are one of those people who are always attentive and always think before acting, then the Vishuddha chakra is well developed for you. You are used to thinking a lot, you are intelligent and not foolish. You can put yourself in another’s shoes and feel what they’re going through. You understand them. You understand people, show compassion for them, and do not rush to judge them.
  3. Communication If you are the type of person who speaks honestly and never shies away from a conversation, no matter what, then you can say that “Ajna” is your most dominant chakra. Words can be more dangerous than bullets, and you understand this clearly. After you’ve said something, you can’t take it back.

You are one of those people who always prefer to tell the harsh truth rather than sugarcoat it. You are not afraid to express your opinions. You know the value of words and can keep others’ secrets well.

  1. Love/Healing You are a person who can see other people’s pain. If your heart calls out to those who are suffering and you can’t resist, if you feel their pain and sympathize with people, if you are open to love, then your most active chakra is Anahata.

You should know that your primary strength lies in your heart. This is the heart chakra, and it helps you develop your personality traits. The power and source of this chakra are love. You are capable of loving regardless of circumstances and will always come to the aid of those in need.

  1. Wisdom If you are a person lost in your thoughts every time, or your mind is constantly working, then Manipura is your main chakra. Your thinking is very different from others; it is more complex and deeper than others. In other words, your mind is one of your greatest strengths. It is the main source of energy for your body. The ideas and suggestions you come up with are well thought out and greatly benefit people.
  2. Passion/Creativity If you have ever thought about leaving a mark on this world or if you always bend the rules to make things more creative or appealing, then Svadhisthana chakra is your most dominant. It is the center of your sensual nature. You can’t live by the rules and be confined to a framework; you need more freedom to discover yourself and your creative potential.
  3. Trust Are you gullible or trusting? Do you still trust people, despite the numerous times in your life when you were betrayed or your trust was misplaced? Does this description match you? Then your active chakra is “Muladhara.”

It’s not good if this chakra is more developed in you than others. If it is developed in roughly equal proportions with several other chakras, it’s not as scary. After all, when the Trust chakra is the only one in a person, the people around and close to them will take advantage of them. No one will appreciate it. Such people are often used by others for selfish purposes.

In the modern world, a person cannot afford to be so naive. Trusting someone is good, but trust should not be one-sided. You are very loyal, but you should no longer trust people who have repeatedly eroded your trust.

8 Reasons Why It’s Worth Losing You

It’s scary to realize that the person you wanted to be with for the rest of your life doesn’t deserve you at all in their life.

You never know when you’ll feel it. Your mind screams at you to leave, but your heart makes you stay.

So what should you do? Ignore the signs that they are not worthy of you? Overlook the fact that you are unhappy and continue to love, try to find the strength to continue the relationship simply because you have been together for a long time?

You don’t need to look for reasons to stay if you’re becoming increasingly unhappy. They deserve to lose you if…

  1. He doesn’t support you.

Partners should help each other, at least psychologically, support and motivate each other. But he’s not there when you need him. He doesn’t support your dreams and goals, doesn’t motivate you to strive for them. He seems to interfere with your success.

  1. He’s very selfish.

He takes everything from you but gives nothing in return. Relationships are a two-way street. You can’t keep doing everything for him without at least getting energy in return. In a relationship, you should receive and have your needs met. And if he doesn’t provide it, he doesn’t deserve you.

  1. You are not his priority.

Of course, priorities change in life. But why a relationship at all? Partners prioritize each other and build their lives that way. If everything is more important to him than you, he doesn’t deserve you.

  1. He wants to change you.

If he doesn’t love you as you are, why is he with you? Maybe he wants to change your beliefs, behavior, or style. He says he wants what’s best for you but isn’t yours. So why does he love you if he doesn’t like everything about you? There is a big difference between constructive criticism and someone trying to change everything about you to fit their ideal.

  1. He humiliates you.

For everything you say and do. Maybe you tell him these words are unpleasant to you, and he laughs at it. He says you’re exaggerating and dramatizing. In the end, you’d rather just stay silent. This is not normal.

  1. He wants you to compete with other girls for him.

When a loving man doesn’t make you doubt his feelings, he doesn’t make you fight other girls for him, he doesn’t arrange tests. He makes you feel special.

  1. He doesn’t make you happy.

It is the natural desire of a loving man to make his woman happy. And if he doesn’t, then he doesn’t love you and doesn’t deserve to keep you.

  1. He looks down on you.

He believes that, because he’s a man, he’s always right, so you should listen to him, not have your own opinion because “you’re just a woman.” He expects you to do everything for him. And you know what? Then you have the right to leave.

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