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Choose an Oracle to Receive a Prophetic Message for You

Choose an oracle to receive a prophetic message for you. Your task is to select the one that first catches your attention. Which one appealed to you first? Choose your oracle and read its interpretation below.


First Oracle You are called to fulfill your full potential and choose to become a force for good in this world. Whether you realize it or not, you are starting a great spiritual quest. Your soul is leading you to numerous discoveries about who you truly are and why you are here in this life. Each of us has a unique journey, tailored for us and designed so we can reach our full potential. During this quest, you will receive significant insight into your purpose here on Earth.

For many, this journey has been preceded by a period of turmoil, confusion, and conflict, leading to a desire for greater clarity and concrete answers about the meaning and purpose of their lives.

On this spiritual journey you are undertaking, you will gain wisdom, enlightenment, and a greater sense of your personal power.

As you travel this path, ensure you engage in your quest and resist the temptation of distractions that may cause you to stray from your desired path. Focus your energy less on having and more on just being. Your spiritual growth can be enhanced through regular practice of meditation and introspection.

Second Oracle Reading, research, and education can help you gain confidence and clarity in your career. This image indicates that you need more information to feel confident in your career. Fortunately, the angels are clearly guiding you in this direction. Please pay attention to your recurring ideas and feelings about taking a course, hiring a mentor, reading a book, or other forms of research and teaching. You are also receiving signals from above in the direction of support.

For example, several people may recommend the same book to you in a short time, indicating that the angels are guiding you through other people’s messages.

There’s something important for you in this book, in that cinema, in that place, or in another idea you often mention. The angels have opened the door of information for you; now you need to accept your gift by reading this book, watching this movie, taking a course, or visiting this place.

Third Oracle Continue doing what you are doing because it is working. If you have doubts about your feelings and plans, this image is how your angel encourages you to pursue your current dreams and goals. Just having a dream has added passion and meaning to your life. The angels are now encouraging you to take positive and decisive actions regarding your dream.

They know that you will feel happier and/or more energized as you dedicate time and energy to their joy every day. Start by focusing your mind and body with a few deep breaths. Close your eyes and then calmly ask your guardian angels: “Please give me clear signs, guidance, motivation, support, and inspiration related to my divine life purpose.”

Look at the thoughts and feelings you get after this request. Work as a team with your angels, asking clearly for more information, then follow this guide as needed.

Fourth Oracle To live means to burn, to grow, and to ignite the heart and soul with passionate devotion to a higher purpose. Please stay open to me even if you are shocked, denied, or feel betrayed or broken. An open-hearted life is for brave souls who love me and are capable of loving the world. I bring you the Sacred Fire, burn in me as a spiritual passion, and now it ignites in you. You will receive this fire now and set the heart of the world on fire.

When there is no spiritual passion in our hearts, we fall in love with empty substitutes. We might aspire to fantastical relationships that never manifest or that manifest for a short time before they appear to be less essential.

Or maybe we desire a great job. To truly connect with our own divine destiny, we must be willing to let our hearts burn for something greater than our needs and desires. This is uncomfortable, but it is done in a way that cannot be achieved otherwise. Of course, there is nothing wrong with having individual needs and desires.

We won’t be able to quench someone else’s thirst if our vessel is so broken that it cannot retain the nourishing fluid for ourselves, much less for anyone else. However, the oracle of the Holy Mother of the Holy Fire speaks to us of passion for the Divine coming into our hearts, which will force and give us the power to love the world, allowing the Divine Mother to flow through us and help the world, which is now in the process of rebirth.

The sacred fire in our hearts is what makes us want to grow spiritually – we can’t help but be intrigued by it, feel attracted to it, forced to work on it and move forward, even when it becomes difficult or seems impossible. Here is what makes us want to do something useful for the world, to become truthful in the way we live, to live with goodwill and a sincere desire for all beings to be happy and free.

Fifth Oracle A rare prize should be awarded to you. The universe confirms that the tastiest dreams of your heart are nourished so that they manifest.

For this, you will be granted the saving grace of intervention if necessary. Be open to receiving, abandon doubts in favor of unconditional trust. With your trust and optimism, you will make it easier for the universe to offer you the most deserved gift – a rare prize worth the effort to receive.

Your efforts should include loving discipline. The discipline of love is not about trying to bend the world to your will, but about preparing yourself to conform to the spirit of what you want. It takes strength, trust, spiritual intelligence, and courage to receive, rather than trying to take by force.

This allows the Universe to do its best for you! Giving up does not mean passivity, but rather that we do our best and then trust life enough to let go and let the outcome be whatever it may be. Letting go does not mean giving up. It’s about believing that there is a great and generous mind that expresses itself in our lives and, if we are open to it, then we will receive great treasures. So, the discipline talked about changes your consciousness. … It asks you to let go of self-esteem issues. Why not get the power and help of the universe to create a life that fills you with joy and makes you feel “exactly what you need”?

Remove any self-doubt that prevents you from opening up to full trust in the universe. Angels help change the mindset from poverty to prosperity when we feel we can receive precious gifts with an open and easy attitude, without clinging to them out of fear or postponing them out of shame or guilt. When they enter your life, they bring a sign of the abundance that is directed towards you.

This can manifest in many and varied forms: more love and affection in relationships; or as a feeling of living a rich, fulfilling life, both spiritually, emotionally, and materially.

Sixth Oracle This oracle brings you confirmation that this will not be a failed initiation for you, but a true rebirth. You have what it takes. You can make this crazy and incredible leap into a whole new consciousness. You have to do it. It may seem ridiculous, like the incredible miracle that a caterpillar becomes a butterfly, but it’s part of your destiny.

This radical change you dream of or feel drawn to without knowing what is pushing you forward is meant to be. Trust your ability to transform. Trust what is happening. Don’t dream of small achievements, because you are capable of much more dramatic and colorful creations.

You have the ability within you to become such a wild and free person that you probably can’t even imagine what it will ultimately look like. All you can do is believe in the splendor of what you are becoming, in the expression of the mind and power that is transforming within you.

Seventh Oracle A profound transformation is taking place in your life. You have managed to reconcile issues from your past and, as a result, your true nature is beginning to manifest. This card is designed to encourage you to continue your spiritual journey and to be yourself. You have something to offer the world simply because you are yourself. Love is magical because it can transform everything. Your love can touch not only those around you but also the whole world. By realizing your beauty, you not only strengthen yourself, but you also reflect beauty in others.

This card is associated with Nature and the healing power and beauty it radiates. Nowhere is it easier to experience the magic of the universe than in nature. Nature exudes peace, love, and serenity that touch the heart. It reflects the love we have within us.

Spend some time regularly surrounding yourself with nature. Your magical powers will help you display the magic within you.

Eighth Oracle The right time will develop as it should. You have used this idea of “the right time” as a tactic for too long to delay because you are afraid of what change will bring.

Your ideas will disappear one by one, they will change and reorder. Everything will change and nothing is clear because we live in a time of prophecy. Don’t wait any longer for the right time, because this action should take place now.

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