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Choose Your Favorite Book and Receive Helpful Advice

Choose your book, and you will receive advice to assist you. You don’t need to wait for opportunities; you need to create them for your advantage and make the most of them. It requires perseverance, self-determination, and firmness. In this life, you must set boundaries against abuse, both from others and from yourself.

We all feel a little overwhelmed from time to time. Whether we’re going through tough times at work, experiencing a falling out with friends, or simply feeling exhausted, most of us experience moments of sadness or mild depression occasionally.

So, how do we know if our feelings are a normal emotional response to stressful periods or if we’re suffering from something else? Choose option 1, 2, or 3, and then discover the wonderful advice provided.

If you chose Book Number 1

You are suffering because you tend to view life from an external perspective and amplify it to the maximum. You often use the word “terrible” to describe what’s happening in your life.

Advice: take a close look at how you talk about what’s happening to you, and observe your habit of focusing on what you lack, what you don’t have, instead of being grateful for what you do have.

Change the habit of seeing everything as negative and add more positivity to your life.

If you chose Book Number 2

You are suffering because things aren’t going your way, and it’s challenging for you to understand that there are other perspectives, that life can have multiple viewpoints, and each of them is valid.

Advice: pay close attention when you’re upset and suffering because something wasn’t done the way you think is right.

This perspective will help you realize that there’s not just one truth but many truths and viewpoints. You’ll learn to lead a more fulfilling life and suffer less.

If you chose Book Number 3

The root of your suffering lies in your high expectations, not in taking things in stride. “When this happens, everything will be better,” “When I have this job, when I have a child, when I take that trip,” these are some examples.

Advice: stop living in the future because we only have the present. Lower your expectations, see reality as it is, and come to terms with life.

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