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Choose Your Shoes and Discover How Attractive You Are!

Every woman is beautiful and charming in her own way. Style plays a significant role as it shapes your image, which in turn leaves an impression on others. It’s clear that external attributes are not the most important thing for a woman; her inner qualities are equally important. However, for many ladies, the desire to look attractive outweighs much else.

What kind of impression do you think you make on people? Do you have your unique charm and charisma? Do you have a perfect image, or are you not too concerned about these things?

Take this test to determine how attractive you are! Choose a pair of shoes that you would like to wear. Which one do you like the most? And remember, even if you don’t wear high heels in your daily life, but you liked them in the test, you shouldn’t resist. This choice was made by your subconscious mind, and you should go with it. Choose the pair of shoes you like!


Shoes Number 1

Your choice indicates that you are a romantic and sophisticated person. You have a beautiful face and soul. With your rich inner world, you attract positive people to you. With them, you feel good during your free time, and you have someone to share your joys and sorrows with.

You are as beautiful as a fairy. A kind, sensitive, and gentle lady who captivates the opposite sex. And it doesn’t take much effort because you possess these qualities naturally.

Shoes Number 2

You have an innate sense of style. You know what to wear and when to look appropriate. You have a subtle uniqueness about you that sets you apart. When you walk down the street, you catch the eyes of others.

There are people who envy your beauty. They might even be among your close friends, who will never admit it, though it’s obvious to everyone. You are a beautiful and elegant woman who can be admired from the outside.

Shoes Number 3

Your beauty is striking, and you enjoy the effect you have on people. You are bright and unique. Your love for beautiful things is evident, and you’re not ashamed of it because we all are. You seem made for luxury and expensive things.

Perhaps you don’t have the material means yet to fulfill all your desires, but you are already beautiful. Everything in its time, don’t forget. You are a true diamond that not even dirt can make dull and unremarkable.

Shoes Number 4

You are a special woman who loves to stand out from the general gray crowd. You are the light that shines in the darkness. You are a beauty that conquers even the toughest hearts.

A stunning and captivating girl with sensual features. You know how to give your image a languid mystery and bold seduction. You have a great sense of humor, which is another plus in your favor. You’re amazing!

Shoes Number 5

Sweet, charming, funny, and a bit rebellious at heart. You are simply an extraordinary creation of God. There are so many conflicting traits in you, but overall, they create something amazing. Being as attractive as you are is not at all challenging for you. Everything about you is beautiful, from your cute toes to your hair ends. Men have fought and died for people like you before. Know your worth, but don’t be too arrogant. That way, you won’t lose yourself.

Shoes Number 6

Refined, determined, loving, and strong woman. You are used to capturing men with a single glance. Over time, women, after getting married and starting a family, tend to forget their innate magic, which drives men crazy. Household life often gives amnesia to the fairer sex, and feminine charms start to fade. If this happens to you suddenly, we wish for you to remember as soon as possible who you truly are. What an extraordinarily beautiful woman you are.

If you liked it, share this test with your friends; they will surely find two minutes for the results! They will be grateful to you. Leave your comments.

4 Things Attractive Women Always Do on Dates

Have you ever been so worried about a date that you made a list of topics to talk about in advance? Maybe you even tried to remember or find a few interesting facts about them?

First dates are always awkward, and it can even feel like you don’t click at all. But the first date isn’t, in a way, real. So, what’s the best thing to do to make everything go smoothly:

  1. Talk about travels, not movies.

Talking about travels, you can recall different stories: both good and bad, and dream together about where each of you would like to go. Travel is interesting for everyone, making it an excellent topic.

  1. Maintain balance in the conversation.

The purpose of your communication is to get to know each other, how compatible you are, and how much you have in common. You need to understand if you want to meet this person again. So, don’t talk all the time, but don’t listen all the time either. It should be a dialogue, not a monologue from one of you.

  1. Share personal and emotional information about yourself.

When you share a secret, you help create a sense of your special connection. Have you heard about the 36 questions that bring people closer? Among them, for example: “What in life are you most grateful for?”, “What is your worst memory?” and “What is too serious to joke about?” See, some of the answers to these questions aren’t that secretive, but they’re personal.

  1. Don’t avoid controversial topics.

Don’t ask if they have siblings and what kind of music they like. Ask more revealing questions. What’s your opinion on abortion? Religion? Have you ever broken someone’s heart? If you have a strong opinion on some issues, it’s better to find out their stance on the matter right away.

Be open, bold, and talkative! What’s there to lose? Either you’ll understand that this is your man, or you’ll realize that he’s not the one, and then it’s just like he didn’t understand your questions!

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