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Learn How to Survive Difficult Life Situations by Choosing an Animal

Learn how to survive difficult life situations by choosing an animal. It’s no secret that our subconscious mind can reveal many interesting things about us. Look into the eyes of each animal in the picture and choose the one you like the most.

Before making your choice, think about the challenging life situations you are facing, and then read how to find a way out of these situations.

Cat Cats are independent animals capable of seeing the truth behind a veil of deception. They are ready to help you in dangerous situations when lies await you from others to open your eyes to irrefutable facts.

You need to keep your secrets hidden from outsiders because there are plenty of envious people.

Zebra This animal is very independent, though modest, and not available for taming. It prefers to maintain its uniqueness, even if its surroundings are similar to it.

You may have gone through a period where you needed to find people with a similar viewpoint. Don’t stay away from others anymore! It’s time to step out of the shadows and build a social circle where you feel comfortable.

Owl The owl has perfect intuition. It can highlight things that others choose to ignore. Take some time to think about the signs your intuition will give you throughout the day.

You may be haunted by insomnia, try to find benefits and understand what’s preventing you from finding peace.

Think about specific events, find a way out of this situation, and listen to your inner voice.

9 Stupid Things Insecure Men Do in Relationships

It may seem that a man is playing some kind of psychological game, confusing your mind, or deceiving you, but most likely, he simply lacks self-confidence. Because when a man is self-assured, everything is clear with him, and when he is not, he behaves like this:

  1. He’s either hot or cold.

When a man occasionally shows interest in you and then pretends to be indifferent to see your reaction, it’s because he wants you to take the initiative – he thinks he won’t chase after you. And it usually works.

An insecure man does this to ensure that you like him, so he stops texting first. He may even disappear for a few days to test you even more.

  1. He blames you.

Even if it’s not your fault. But he does everything to make sure you feel that way. So you’ll feel like you owe him something, especially if he generously forgives you or accepts you.

An insecure man wants to make you even more insecure to manipulate you.

  1. He pretends he knows better.

That all men know better than women. This usually happens when he isn’t even asked for his opinion. But only insecure men do this to belittle women.

An insecure man won’t allow a woman to be smarter than him.

  1. “I used to not like girls like you, but now…”

This is a passive-aggressive statement that can be manipulative. For example, he says he never liked girls with your figure, but you’re special. And now you might feel special, but you might start having complexes about your weight. Etc.

  1. He uses your weaknesses against you.

To make you feel better. He wants to control you. So, he uses your complexes against you.

  1. He thinks he’s entitled to your body.

Just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean you have to have sex with him all the time. He needs to consider your desires, mood. He must respect your boundaries.

  1. He doesn’t ask, he tells.

An insecure man is so afraid you’ll say no. So he doesn’t ask; he just tells you what you should do or feel. Yes, he can be a tyrant, but in reality, he’s just not sure of himself.

  1. He shames you for your confidence.

An insecure man doesn’t acknowledge your achievements and might even shame you for what you’re proud of. An insecure man doesn’t feel like a man next to a confident woman.

  1. He doesn’t settle for one woman.

An insecure man needs the approval and attention of many women. He needs to feel in demand because he has low self-esteem.

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