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The Model You Choose Reflects Your Dominant Personality Traits

Test: The model you choose reflects your dominant personality traits. Our everyday reality is surrounded by a wide range of colors, and we are accompanied by some of them in this spectrum. You can live with them without realizing it, or you may be well aware of the shades that always go with you.

The following test can reflect the wonderful aspects of your life and personality, depending on the colors you choose. Take a close look at the four colorful images and let your intuition guide you to the one you like. Discover its miraculous meaning below.


  1. Map of Trust

You characterize yourself as a sensitive, emotional person with a genuine interest in others, with many desires (personal, professional, and emotional) in your life, and all the opportunities to achieve them.

You may spend a lot of time thinking about the future, sometimes overwhelmed by doubts, feeling that time is slipping away. For this reason, define your goals and the steps you need to take to reach them.

Never postpone activities and tasks that you know shouldn’t be delayed. Remember that life is happening here and now, and everything you do now are seeds that will soon bear fruit. Have confidence in yourself and your talent because you are a wonderful person who can achieve everything that life offers.

  1. Choice of Courage and Achievement

You characterize yourself as an entrepreneurial person with clear goals for what you want to achieve in life and all the talent and energy to do so. You stand out because you are a very creative person and a keen observer who usually questions the established and always strives to dream.

Sometimes you may feel that people around you (even those very close to you) cannot fully understand you. Your main task is to be patient.

Remember that the best things in life always require time, and joy, courage, and willpower are the essential ingredients for turning any dream into reality. You are the architect of your destiny, and the celebration is closer than you imagine.

  1. Book of Joy and Enthusiasm

You describe yourself as enthusiastic, naturally optimistic, extremely creative, impulsive at times, and committed to your freedom. You have a very restless mind that generates plans and ideas all the time.

You enjoy new experiences, but you tend to get bored after a certain time doing the same thing. For this reason, there may be more things you start than those you finish.

Learn to live fully in the present because your mind usually dwells on the past or thinks about great things that will come in the future. Your main task is to understand that life is like a river, and you need to accept it and swim along at your own pace and in accordance with its course.

  1. World Map and Balance

You characterize yourself as friendly, loving, kind, very generous, and genuinely interested in others. It is your nature to protect and give love without limits, even to the point of disappointment, because sometimes you feel that you cannot do everything you would like to do for others.

You would like (and need to learn) to say no because sometimes you can put more energy into caring for others than for yourself. Your main task is to learn how to receive and create balance in your life. Everything you give will come back to you only if you allow it.

For this reason, declare with love today that you accept and deserve everything that life can offer, and you will see your world filled with love, joy, and prosperity.

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